Auckland, NZ
Let's start the horse-trading.



Portraits from $100, half days from $500, full days from $750.

Travel costs are added for all jobs outside of El Paso County, Colorado.


Prices vary depending on the project and role. Camera operator rates begin at $500/day, DP daily rates start at $750. Equipment rentals are extra and begin at $250/day. Project pricing is negotiable.

Post-production rates for motion graphics, editing, dubbing, color correction/grading and more are project-dependent.


Logos begin at $500. Full branding projects (initial or re-brand) start at $3,000.

Art Direction

A.D. pricing is project based and dependent on many factors such as team size and the ratio of creative work to management load.


Editorial illustrations begin at $350/page or illustration.


New development begins at $4,000. All sites require ongoing hosting arrangments begining at $150/mo after launch unless other arrangements are specifically negotiated.

Hourly or per-project pricing for working on existing code can be quoted, though please note that I don't do Wordpress.

Other Services

Consulting and other creative services not specified above begin at $75/hr. Project rates can vary widely depeding on scope and duration.

Aren't these prices kinda high?

Not every project has a huge budget. Then again, some things are worth spending the money to do it right. If you are not sure where your project stands, go read “Should I hire Jason?”

Finding the right fit is always better than haggling someone down on price. That gets you a grumpy artist and poor work.