Life in my head …
Bringing Data to Life

Simple can be beautiful.

Complex relationships and dry numbers can be more than words on a page.

Adding photos to your marketing is one way to give it distinction. Illustrations, on the othe hand, give you the ability to customize and focus the message on exactly what you want to highlight … and you don't have to pay for studio time.

With infographics, your ideas can be more than just raw data. The use of color, typography and data-based charts and graphics can quickly present content that would otherwise be lost on a large portion of your audience.

From most of a decade living and breathing Adobe Illustrator, I developed a capacity to conceptualize, display and illustrate data to help bring big concepts to earth and bring home the point with engaging and dynamic graphics.

Data doesn't have to be static either. Much of my work has been for print or one-off infographics, but dynamic data only makes the picture clearer. Through my work at Web Apps I have helped bring the hidden world of live data to life in the way no bland CSV or pivot table can. In fact, that is why data visulization is central to the products we build.

Does your data need dressing up?

I am currently taking new work for illustration and data visualization for static vizualizatios and for web-based products.

For more on rates and availability, check out my pricing, or contact me directly.