Narrative, interviews, Motion Effects

Yes. Video works.

And, yes, your marketing plan probably needs video.

No matter what you are trying to get in front of your audience, motion is the way to break through the clutter of our image-saturated world. Getting that done with excellence and imagination is the challenge.

A little sample …

The crew over at Austin Hangers are doing some great work with a deceptively simple product for the outdoors industry.

Matching your vision to your budget and preferred distribution channel may be one of the hardest things to do in communications today. Get your content and timing right and a simple cell-phone video on Tik-Tok can go viral. Spend too little on interviews or narrative work destined for YouTube or Vimeo and your brand will look cheap and amateur.

I land somewhere between cell-phone selfies and needing to budget for craft services on set. More important than the size of the crew on set, though, is the ability to deliver a finished project that has the polish you need.

Not only do I shoot video, but I also work in Adobe After Effects and Davinci Resolve to ensure your footage is properly graded and matched with quality motion effects and titles. Afraid one man can’t handle all that? If the complexity is too great or timelines get too tight, I can pull in fellow creatives to help manage the job.

Videos aren’t just for brands.

Telling your story is not just about pushing sales initiatives. Narrative work to support social causes also needs to be made. So do short films and passion projects.

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