Motuheka, NZ
Editorial, Landscape, Portrait

The universal language

You cannot love what you do not know. That is why a captivating introduction can be so important.

Traveling the world, you see things that simply cannot be told in words. You experience realities that you can’t bring home except with the snap of a shutter. Cultures that seem too complex, too obscure or too distant to understand are suddenly relatable. People are people. Sunsets are sunsets.

This is also true of the beauty of nature. The natural world in all its savage beauty and passing fragility are often so distant from our lives now that humans live in predominantly urban contexts. Bringing the wonder and beauty of nature back into our lives can remind us of our place in the wider context of existence.

It isn’t all about grandiose ideals of harmonizing the world. My photography also serves the purpose of telling stories closer to home. Working for local publications like Springs Magazine. and organizations, companies and individuals, my work also helps to tell immediate and compelling stories behind the people and products that fill our lives.

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