Chiang Mai, Thailand
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I have been working continuously in the creative arts since 2004.

If Adobe has an app for it, chances are I do it professionally. (I also write some code.) Photography, videography, illustration, branding, logo design, sound editing, web design, print production even some web front-end … I have done it all. Rather than focus in one creative niche, my work over the last 17 years has spanned the spectrum of creative endeavors.

My breadth of experience allows me to bring lessons learned in one discipline to the table in other efforts. The structured world of front-end code helps inform my print production process. Lessons about composition and lighting from photography sneak into my video work. Brand-building efforts help shape how I craft and maintain a voice in my writing or choose the musical sentiment that best fits my clients’ needs.

Based in Colorado, I have traveled extensively and worked from countries across the globe.

For nearly a decade I worked as an in-house designer and communications director in the non-profit space. After leaving that first post, I joined and then co-owned Convey Studio, a web and mobile app company making custom web middleware and enterprise deployment apps, mostly for financial services and medical device companies.

Currrently I split time between my efforts at Web Apps, art-directing for Springs Magazine, and taking on freelance projects in a wide range of creative disciplines.