I have been building brands, identities and campaigns since 2004.

More than just managing, I have hands-on experience in many corners of the creative industry.

If Adobe has an app for it, chances are I have done it professionally. Photography, videography, illustration, branding, logo design, sound editing, web design, print production even some web front-end … I have done it all. (I even write a little code and work in Git.)

I still work in several fields on a regular basis, but now my work is shifting to higher-level strategic planning and consulting for business.

My experience allows me to create and coordinate strikingly well-integrated media campaigns necessary to make an impact in today’s fractured media marketplace.

What I did previously …

For nearly a decade I worked as an in-house designer and communications director in the non-profit space. After leaving that post, I joined, then co-owned and then sold Convey Studio, a web and mobile app company making custom web middleware and enterprise deployment apps for financial services and medical device companies.

What I do now …

Currrently I split time between art-directing for Springs Magazine, building web apps at … Web Apps, producing podcasts such as, SUPA (about mountain biking) and Stand By For Paradise (about travel) and taking on challenges in a wide range of creative disciplines.

I also take photos, such as those seen on this website and on Instagram.