Are We a Fit?

Colorado Springs, CO
Maybe, but read this first.

The list in the sidebar is not everything I do. In fact, there isn’t a very good title for everything I bring to the table.

Everyone’s creative needs are different, and with my broad background, there is a chance I do one, or several, of the things you are looking for. Capacity and capability are only two legs of the stool, though.

I work best when partnered with clients who understand the value of investing in a project and who priotitize doing the planning, scoping and other leg-work up front to make sure objectives are clear and results are as-advertised.

Plainly put, if you are looking for the “quick and dirty” answer, I am probably not your guy. That said, I am not one of those fussy, problematic designers who need to meditate over every pixel before it ships.

Business is business. You do your best work in the time and budget allowed, and at the end of the day, you ship product. Design needs to serve that end. If design is too expensive and slow, it is a drain on overhead. If your creative work is too cheap, you don’t honor the good work you are doing making your products in the first place.

So, should you hire me?

If you want quality work with solid communication and great execution, absolutely. If you just need it fast and cheap, there are other places on the internet for that.

For more on rates and availability, check out my pricing, or contact me directly.

What I Don't Do

It is important to know your limits. Here are a few of mine.

I don't manage your Facebook account. If you are looking to keen tabs on your social media, be it Facebook or Instagram or TikTok, I am not your guy. I happily work with talented people who do social media strategy, though, so if you are in need, we should still talk.

I won't likely make it “just like Apple.” It is natural, and effective, to copy or borrow from good design wherever you find it. That said, if you are trying to straight-up steal a look from someone else to avoid doing the hard work, and paying the money, to design your own brand, I am probably not your guy.

I don't do Powerpoint decks. (Usually …) Don't get me wrong, if you need Powerpoint templates as part of a larger branding effort, those can be a piece of the puzzle. Failing that, there are probably other designers you can turn your project faster and cheaper.

I don't “just do it in a few minutes.” I always work as quickly and efficiently as possible (That is how we both make money, right?), but if you are just looking for a minimal-effort job at the lowest bid, I won't be a good fit. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Quality communication doesn't need to cost a fortune, but it does take some planning and careful execution.

Bottom Line …

If you are trying to put a Powerpoint deck on TikTok that looks exactly like something Apple made and you need it ten minutes ago for $8, I can't help you. For everything else …