Give your brand the power it deserves.

Jason Fleming

Creative Strategy
Media Production

I handle strategy, tactics, and talent to bring creative campaigns to life.

Stop spending time and money on a scattershot approach to marketing media creation. Invest in one cohesive, comprehensive approach that sets your creative strategy and direction up front and meets your specific needs with competent, flexible execution.

Why Hire a Creative Consultant?

You might not have a full-time creative department with a web team, photographer, videographer, creative designers, etc. – but you will need all these services if you are going to compete for your customers’ attention.

Freelancers aren't Free

Your time is money. Too many companies waste both time and money managing individual freelancers – one to build the website, another to design a logo, one more to take photos … all with wildly varying results you still need to coordinate and deploy.

Ad hoc services are over and done with. This approach may save a few dollars up front, but you will waste the time of your high-level team members who should be doing the crucial work you hired them to do, not trying to manage production schedules.

DIY is for kitchen tile, not for brand-building. I can save you money by reducing long-term project costs and streamlining production to bring your vision to life.