Jason Fleming
Full Stack Creative

Design • Images
Motion • Consulting


In my career I have sold, pitched or packaged everything from God himself to defibrillators to keep you from meeting Him too soon.

I handle strategy, tactics, and production to bring creative campaigns to life.

My broad base of experience helps me translate between creatives and clients so everyone keeps a clear vision of what is necessary and what is possible. I help stakeholders think through and communicate their needs without getting lost in the nitty-gritty of kerning and keyframes and code repos.

My Work

I design logos, write front-end code, edit video, make motion graphics, live and breath InDesign, host and edit podcasts, shoot product and lifestyle photography … the list goes on.

The Tastiest

On the Whiskey Trail

Getting paid to drink good whisky and write about it might sound like a dream assigment … becuase it was.

The Latest

Creative Stays

I am in the midst of creating a year-long, integrated campaign with the team at Springs Media to help the arts community of Colorado Springs promote the city they love.

Selected Clients

Do it All, not DIY

Do it yourself is for kitchen tile, not for brand-building. I can reduce your long-term project costs and streamline production to bring your vision to life.

Your time is money. Too many companies waste both time and money managing a flock of individual freelancers – one to build the website, another to design a logo, one more to take photos … all with wildly varying results you still need to coordinate and deploy.

Stop managing your brand through ad hoc freelancers. You might save a few dollars up front, but you will waste crucial hours of your high-level team members who should be doing the crucial work you hired them to do, not trying to coordinate production schedules.