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"We need 1,200 words on explosive diarrhea …"

Sometimes you know it is going to be an interesting day at the office. With Mane Ideas, those days happened a lot.

If you don’t think writing SEO content about gastroenterology would be interesting, you probably haven’t tried to sling supporting keywords for post-prandial diarrhea.

Even when the topics aren’t sexy, getting clients the results they need is always the highest priority. For Mane Ideas’ clients, organic search was the name of the game. Google and Meta ad requirements and restrictions in the medical space took a lot of tools out of our bag. It meant owning the top of the page for important search terms was essential to driving sales.

Through deft use of research tools, and with a watchful eye on the content calendar, we got to work. And it was work indeed. Even with on-page technical SEO changes in place and carefully worded ad campaigns running on the side, establishing site authority was going to come down to a brute-force effort of continuously publishing original, authoritative, engaging content.

SEO can be a grind, but our efforts paid off with clients scoring top rankings for competitive search terms, owning much-coveted snippets and even beating out major players like the Mayo Clinic and Healthline.

See the Work

Yes, it is about poop. Yes, you might get weird Google ads for a couple days.

Not all our clients were concerned with colon health. I also got the chance to write scintillating prose about vegetable powders in dog food, whether xylitol carries the risk of dehydration and the comparative health benefits of red and green cabbage. Who says writing can’t take you places?

Though I have closed the chapter on writing about HIIT workouts for the morbidly obese and how market trends help you choose bulking agents for vegan sausage, my time at Mane Ideas helped me refine what it takes to crawl inside even the most obscure topics in the name of brand development. And I might have learned a few things about gut health along the way.

Past work is great. New work is better.

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