Twisted Spoke CBD

Integrated Brand Building

Word of mouth can only take you so far.

Every brand needs good will and customer loyalty, and Twisted Spoke CBD has these in abundance. What it didn’t have at the start of this year was a marketing plan. Recognizing their limitations as an understaffed, fast-moving start-up, Twisted Spoke reached out to help their marketing efforts fit their projected growth.

This Colorado-grown CBD company “by cyclists for everyone” is off to a great start on its mission to bring affordable, high-quality isolate and full-spectrum CBD products to the masses. With a strong community presence and a tight visual identity already in place, 2023 could be the break-out year for Twisted Spoke … if they don't go up in smoke from the heat of their own rapid growth.

Building on their well-designed visual identity, I worked with co-founders Wen and Gabe to begin building a brand personality that can enliven their brand language across all digital channels. This is challenging enough with traditional media, but feeding talking points to a gaggle of social media accounts across the country is another matter.

Beyond verbal identity work, we are beginning to implement a larger framework of tools for their team of social media influencers, athletes and race teams. A formal content calendar will soon replace previous ad-hoc efforts to get the word out about upcoming product launches.

Words are only part of what I do, and brand photography was also sorely lacking for Twisted Spoke. Starting last summer I began building out their asset library through a series of on-location and product shoots. The cycling space is full of would-be amateur photographers, so setting the look and feel will help Twisted Spoke take advantage of low-cost vendors rather than burning cash on expensive pros up front.

Video is the next frontier, with motion work coming later in 2023. In the outdoor industry, the mini-doc has become a staple of brand YouTube channels, and the growing stable of athletes Twisted Spoke has signed will provide ample opportunities for great stories to tell.

As an ongoing partnership with a growing brand, the sky is the limit for where this project could end. Twisted Spoke CBD is well positioned in a booming market, and pairing their solid science with effective community engagement and brand management will make sure they stay ahead of the competition.

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