Let's take it from the top …

Let's take it from the top …

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Jason Fleming
Jason Fleming

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Close your eyes and think back, just for a moment, to what it was like before COVID … you know, when we could still get on planes.

Some people get nervous right before liftoff, but for me, one of the most delcious, most exciting, most enlivening moments of any trip is when you hear that satisfying thud of the cabin door closing. THAT is the moment when you know all the preparation is over and the journey is finally starting for real.

At this moment, I am starting on a little journey of my own, and you can come along for the ride if you like.

For my entire professional life, I have been working in some kind of creative capacity. I have been a graphic designer, a web designer, done a little pre-press, made logos, shot and edited video, made magazines, owned a digital products company, written and recorded radio spots, built mobile apps … you name it. If it is out there, I probably tried it at least once.

The catch is, I never tried it on my own. I have always been a freelancer in my spare time, but I always had a day job to pay the bills. Starting this spring, though, those days are over.

“The cabin door is now closed … ”

It may not seem like a big difference on the outside, but on the inside it is huge. Rather than putting the safe and easy profit of consistent work ahead of my own creativity, I am now free to hunt down the clients, jobs and stories that interest me the most.

I will, of course, still be taking on work that looks very much the same as the old days. The difference is in what pays the bills and what gets time in the schedule. There will also be a greater focus on letting my own creative voice start showing in the work rather than just creating what meets a thin definition of the creative brief.

“Please sit back and enjoy the flight … ”

Though I have traveled the world solo, no journey is quite as fun alone. If you are looking to stick a toe in the water in any of the creative services I provide, don’t hesitate to reach out. The reason I became a creative is to tell interesting stories and bring fun projects to life.

The world is full of great stories to tell, and if you feel like you have one of them, or you see one just under the surface of your brand waiting to come out, don’t hesitate to reach out. You never know where a small conversation could lead.

Here's to new begnnings.